25.08.2023, 20:15 PM

EX TEMPORE – here, the sacrum meets the profanum, the sacred meets the human secular. Medieval chant blends with the sound of the organ, electric violin, and clarinet used in a novel way.

EX TEMPORE means ‘outside of time’ in Latin. The phrase captures the very essence of the project. Each performance is different, depending on the emotions of the artists (experienced here and now), the atmosphere created by the interior and the audience, or the acoustics.

None of the instruments dominates. The artists play in balanced musical dialogue, adding a single ‘brick’ at a time. Step by step, they build a multidimensional, and yet very cohesive musical work. The flow of time seems to stop, and there is no definite closure… The artists work hand in hand in the service of “Her Highness” – the Music!