21.07.2023, 20:15 PM

Bogusław Grabowski (the organ) and Maciej Sikała (the saxophone) launched their cooperation in 2007 with checks and rehearsals which built the duo’s repertoire. Soon, they began giving concerts winning highly positive reception of their audiences. Asked again and again about the recordings of the presented music they resolved to make a record. The first one, ‘The Colours of Space’, was recorded in 2009. The duo is made up of two instruments so far apart in their sound and typical designation. The very combination of the church organ and the saxophone is so rare as to actually be unprecedented in music. Nevertheless, in the case of these particular musicians the combination does not produce a sense of a clash; on the contrary, it sounds fantastic! Furthermore, the artists improvise together and simultaneously, which is also unusual. The latter fact makes each concert they give a sole and unique event, not to mention they have already given hundreds of performances. No matter where they play or for whom, their music is always received enthusiastically, the audience frequently moved. It is this type of creative art which links people instead of separating them, it is timeless and pan-cultural conveying the essence of all religions, i.e. it is universal in the best sense of the word. The connoisseurs will find superb technique and artistry in the music. The aesthetes will find themselves enchanted with the beauty of the melodic line and unmatched harmony. The faithful will hear prayer. ‘Mater Sanctissima’, the second record, is devoted wholly to the Virgin Mary. Just like the first one, it was all recorded in St Mary’s Basilica in Gdańsk.